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Perform Your best BY ADAM TAGELDIN


Guest Mitchell Levy The AHA Guy, Entrepreneur, International Best Selling and Business Expert,  What do you write a book for, and other publishing nuggets. 
Adam -thanks for watching and listening to the UltraPerform show the show about performing your best at business and life I'm very excited to have our special guest today he has written over 800 books he said, 800 and then some right? 
Mitchell -well no, I published over 800 books, currently working on my 59th. 
Adam- You asked me earlier if I have written a book yet I, and no I'm still working on one, but Mitchell's going to share with us he's the aha guy publishes works with various platforms and partners to help people get their AHA message to those that need to see them. Aha is a platform he and his team built to allow people to quickly share content. Over 41,000 aha messages available to share on social for free on social media, right Mitchell? 
Mitchell - If you go to AHA.com you'll see we're now over 42,000 and so if systems know how that calm free to use free to share and there's content for you to share so that you can help build your community and build your following.
Adam -tell us what got you into to writing did you start writing first you start becoming a publisher first?
Mitchell - I think it stems back to my first book which was written in the a long time ago written in the 80s and and decided to make the question when you're writing a book everyone thinks their book is the best thing since sliced bread and so you go through the process of whether or not you want to get a publisher and how to go about doing that and so the first book came from a problem I was addressing at the time which was should you rent or buy a house I did enough research and put together a spreadsheet to help make that decision and that was the first book I ever created and ended up self-publishing and from there during the.com days and then it was 2005 that I opened up my publishing company so that's where since 2005 we've published over 800 books and the goal has always been never about the book it's always about what you do with the book and it's always about how do you make the book easier and easier to write and we've cracked that button
Adam - so you asked me in the very beginning what can
you do for me why did you ask me that so early? What is the purpose behind that
Mitchell - well we live in a world that has become focused on customer service and servant leadership and so this is your show not mine this is your audience you're trying to get excited about and work with and you have a particular practice or philosophy that you have in life so it's not about the message that I want to share it's about the message that I can share given what needs that you particularly have so the first thing I always ask when I'm
talking with somebody is okay what's the duration of the show what do you want to make sure we get accomplished at what do you need personally that you're not getting today because part of when I read about you and looked at what you were doing online you're moving in the direction that the world is moving at and that is the best performance you could have is when you could figure out in life how work equals play because if work equals play then you can play all the time if you could play all the time you're just a lot happier.
Mitchell - absolutely I love to work and then I the one thing I notice is that sometimes there are aspects of work that you don't
like and I'm sure there's aspects of writing it doesn't mean you don't like your work it just means like you're tired of dealing these people or you're frustrated because your goal is here and you're still doing this or whatever it might be I'm sure that comes up with writing books.
Mitchell -  well so let's step back for those that really need to hear this the question becomes what do you write a book for what is the purpose of the book and many times everyone kept saying physical books are going away e-books are gonna take over the world and obviously that hasn't happened the biggest thing that's happened is where you actually purchase your books whether they're physical books or e-books or audiobooks and now we basically purchase them all online let's go back to the question what is a book and what do you